Heavy Horses 

and officially designated a rare breed as numbers of these traditional working horses have dwindled over the years. 
Willow, a pure Shire Horse foal. She is a stunner with a huge personality, a real cuddle monster!. At just 12 months old, she already stands at c 15.3 hands 
They join Paddy, a vocal & friendly Irish Draught Cross horse, Betsy. an Irish Traditional Cob & Beow, a beautiful grey dappled Irish Sports Horse. Paddy was imported from Ireland by his previous dealer owner and was sadly in a very poor condition when we bought him in December 2016. He is now looking lovely, very majestic and is a real character!  


Communication is often made via a soft hum & with body language such as neck posturing, ear & tail postioning, & / or head tilt. They have excellent eyesight & hearing and will alert the herd & their human keepers with a staccato alarm call of perceived danger. 
Unlike the llama they rarely spit at people unless frightened or threatened but will spit at each other to register discontent – particularly at feeding time! We are delighted & feel most privileged to be able to feed most of our alpacas by hand & watch / see them come to call 
They are a sheer delight to own & watch at play & although relatively expensive to buy in the first instance, they are hardy animals & cost much less to feed than traditional domesticated animals. Alpacas are often kept for guarding chickens & young lambs against dog & foxes etc. Alpaca dung makes great manure & allegedly briquettes for the fire or woodburner! 

Ryeland Sheep 

The Ryeland is very docile & friendly in nature, heavily wooled giving them a very appealing appearance. 
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